Nino Tsereteli

Art by Nino Tsereteli
Nino is a special friend to the Madison Public Library. She has volunteered her time and talent to produce the paintings that have graced the windows of the Children's section, bringing such life and color to the entire area. Many thanks, Nino!

Nino works in a variety of media, but primarily in oil and pastel. She works en plein air, loosely interpreting the landscape around her in a spontaneous reaction to her environment. Nino searches for a dramatic light in her compositions whether she is painting landscapes en plein air, still lifes , or working from a model.

"My goal is to capture in my paintings experience, a look, a feeling, and a bit of mystery that will resonate an emotional response with the viewer."

Her work is extremely personal. Occasionally intensive and rigid, it becomes soft and gentle at other times. More somber during her Israel period where she lived for ten years after leaving her native Georgia. For the last two years, she has been living in the U.S.A and her work has attained a lighter and softer hue, especially her portrait work completed in pastel. Nino's portraits are created in free style and contain a pleasant gamut of colors. She pays particular attention to eyes of her subject to express character and mood. Nino's portraits of children are true-to-life, riveting and powerful.

Her works are in numerous private collections here and abroad. She is a member of Drew Art Association, Inc.,NJ. Her works have been exhibited in various exhibitions.

Nino completed her fine art education a Nikoladze Art College, Tbilisi, The Republic of Georgia.

She lives in Madison, NJ.

Portraits on site are commissioned. Some paintings shown are for sale. You can commission a lively portrait of your loved one, or your favorite landscape or your house painted by Nino.

Art by Nino Tsereteli

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