Bicycle Unit

The Bike Patrol Unit's Community-Partnership philosophy focuses on a visible deterrent to crime, proactive in enforcement endeavors, and an approachable source of assistance and information for citizens and business owners in the downtown area.
Bike Rodeo

Although the primary assignment of the Bike Patrol unit is to patrol the downtown area and parks, the bike patrol officers also participate in community activities to promote bicycle safety and interact with the public. All bike patrol officers are either certified through the Law Enforcement Bicycle Association (L.E.B.A.) or the International Police Mountain Bike Association (I.P.M.B.A).

The bicycle unit consists of:  Sergeant James Cavezza, Corporal Bartlomiej Glab, Patrolman Julian Morales, Patrolman Christopher Burans, Patrolman Ryan Dunn and Detective Paul Papamarkos.

If you have questions, please contact Traffic Safety Bureau.