Fire Prevention

The Fire Prevention Bureau is lead by Captain Ed Nunn and operates out of the Public Safety Complex at 62 Kings Road. The duties of the bureau is to inspect all of the life hazard facilities as well as the non-life hazards in Madison. The bureau performs inspections to confirm that there are no fire hazards present and that all fire protection is maintained. Fire alarms and sprinkler systems are required to be maintained at all times. 

Some of the most common violations the bureau encounters in these spaces are using extension cords for permanent wiring, outdated test reports for fire protection systems, over due extinguisher inspection tags, blocked exits and storage in utility areas. 

One program the Madison Chamber of Commerce holds is the fire extinguisher inspection program held in the spring and the fall. Business owners can bring their fire extinguishers to the parking lot behind 60 Main Street and have their extinguishers inspected at a discounted price. See the Madison Chamber of Commerce website for the schedule.  
Buildings with fire alarms or sprinklers are required to have a Knox Box installed on their building. A Knox Box is simply a safe that contains the key(s) to the building that only the FD has access to. This enables firefighters to access the building without the need to wait for a key holder to  respond. This also enables firefighters to enter these spaces without the need to "force open" the door.
There are also "residential" knox boxes available for home use. These are helpful when a fire alarm is active and the resident is not home or when the owner may have a life alert type device and the resident can not open the door. 
Applications are available on their website.
Commercial application:
 Contact Captain Ed Nunn with any other questions.
The fire prevention bureau also visits the Madison schools every October during Fire prevention Month. They teach students from Pre K to eighth Grade. The Bureau has also utilized the state F.M.B.A. sponsored program called Fire Is. This is a five part video series that was developed by Dr. Frank Field along with his son Storm and daughter Allison which helps students understand the real danger of fires and proper ways to survive a catastrophic house fire. This program is taught to the older grades as this video series shows real event photage and news clips that have occurred. Throughout the year, the bureau also reaches the seniors of Madison and Drew University.