Madison's Fire Dog "Smoky"

Smokey in front of the Central Avenue Firehouse in 1935.
Seen above is Smoky and Elford "Shimmy" Rathbun in July of 1936 when the bell was removed from the tower at the Central Avenue firehouse.
Smoky seen with Robert Chambers during the removal of the bell in 1936.
Smoky seen in front of his new home at the Hartley Dodge Memorial in August of 1936.
Aug 1936tmb
As far as records show, Smoky was Madison's one and only fire dog. Smoky lived with H Parks Greer and his wife at the Central Avenue firehouse until the fire department moved to the Hartley Dodge Memorial in 1935. Smoky was born in October of 1931. "Belle", of Springfield Fire Department, was his mother and "Smoke", of Millburn Fire Department, was his father. Smoke was struck and killed by a firetruck in 1936. Smoke's mother "Nancy" was from Newark Engine 19, who disappeared in 1933. 

A story is told of times Smoky would go out for a walk on his own after his dinner. Elford "Shimmy" Rathbun, a "paid driver" followed him one night in as far as North Bergen. Smoky was visiting his "girlfriend" Betty, North Bergen's fire dog. Needless to say, in July of 1937,  Betty produced a litter of Dalmatians. One of these puppies was named "Boots."   Boots was brought back to be trained as the next Madison fire dog after Smoky retires, however no records show of what happened with Boots. Smoky died on November 12, 1939 from a stomach condition.