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The Summer Seminar Series

All seminars are free. No registration required.
Doug Portrait

Summer Seminar Series

Monday, July 9th @ 10:30am
Dr. Doug Simon
Great Power Shifts and New Directions for American Foreign Policy

This seminar will focus on major shifts of power characterizing the current and future international system. Dr. Simon is Emeritus Professor of Political Science at  Drew University.

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Summer Seminar Series

Thursday, July 12th@ 10:30am
Ellen Barry
Infinite Variety of Shakespeare's Women

In Shakespeare's plays, women are far outnumbered by men, yet they are among his most memorable characters. Veteran actress, Ellen Barry, takes her audience on a memorable journey as she performs and discusses a wide range of the Bard's female characters.
james michael

Summer Seminar Series

Monday, July 16th @ 10:30am
James Michael
Now and Then: The Golden Age of Baritone

James Michael's widely and critically acclaimed production captures Broadway and The American Song books great music in a single show...a riveting experience not to be missed! James Michael is a veteran Broadway baritone.
JeffFinegan (1)

Summer Seminar Series

Thursday, July 19th @ 10:30am
Jeffrey Finegan, Sr.
My Dear General: The Extraordinary Relationship of George Washington and the Marquis de Lafayette

For a childless Washington, LaFayette was the closest he came to having a son. For the orphaned Marquis, Washington filled several roles in the young man's life: General, Mentor, Hero--and most of all, as LaFayette referred to him, his adoptive father. The Marquis proves himself not only in his dedication to his general, but as a proficient field commander, who played an important role in the U.S. Revolution. Author Jeffrey Finegan, Sr., explores this historic and interesting relationship.
nicole yanoso

Summer Seminar Series

Monday, July 23rd @ 10:30am
Dr. Nicole Yanoso
The Irish and the American Presidency

The seminar will showcase the Irish as a potent force in American presidential politics. Nicole Anderson Yanoso is Assistant Professor of History and the Director of Political Science and American Studies at the College of Saint Elizabeth.

Summer Seminar Series

Thursday, July 26th @ 10:30am
Dr. Gary Darden
Edifice Complex: The Vanderbilt Rivalries

Explore the Vanderbilt connections, their associations, and their rivalries in this seminar. Dr. Gary Darden is Associate Professor of History, and Chair, Department of Social Sciences & History, Fairleigh Dickinson University-Madison.

Summer Seminar Series

Monday, July 30th @ 10:30am
Dr. Carlos Yordan
Brexit One Year Later

Last year, Britain decided upon its future relationship with the European Union. What have been the consequences of that decision? How is the relationship likely to develop? Was it the right decision? This lecture will discuss the implications of the 2016 Referendum.

Dr. Yordan is Associate Professor and Department Chair, Political Science, at Drew University.
martha chang

Summer Seminar Series

Thursday, August 2nd @ 10:30am
Martha Chang
From Shanghai to Madison: An Immigrant's Story

Martha Chang will trace the journey of one immigrant, from Shanghai in the 1930s to Post World War 2 New York City to Madison, New Jersey in the 1980s and beyond.

A graduate of Cornell and Harvard, Martha Chang was a Fulbright Scholar in China and Japan. She is completing her first novel about the immigrant experience.

Other Programs this Summer...

nino morning tea

June 1 through July 20

Nino Tsereteli Art Exhibit in the Chase Room

Nino Tsereteli's art will be displayed in the Chase Room this summer. Nino works in a variety of media, but primarily in oil and pastel. Her works are in numerous private collections, and have been in various exhibitions. Nino completed her fine art education at Nikoladze Art College in Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia. Stop by the Chase Room soon and see her colorful paintings.


Wednesday, July 18, 7-8:30pm

The Vinyl Club

Celebrate the Library’s summer reading theme ‘Libraries Rock’, and enter the world of music as the Library's Jeff Payton discusses and plays some of the seminal albums of progressive rock.

First up in this proposed series is Rush’s fourth album, 2112, from 1976. A futuristic take on individuality in an unbending, mechanized society, this ‘storytelling’ music is alternately hard and soft, violent and gentle, tragic and uplifting. And the three musicians’ abilities are impeccable—among the best at their respective instruments at the time, and maybe of all time.

Enjoy the immersive experience (both aural and visual) of this music from beginning to end and contribute to the discussion of the album, its cover art, trivia, and the album’s artistic impact. Whether you attend to just enjoy the music, or to participate in the discussion and relate your experiences of the album, the evening should prove to be an enjoyable experience.

Come and enjoy this fantastic album with us.  Free. Register here.

Wednesday Night Films at the Library

Free. No registration required.

(Film synopses derived from IMDb.)
kiss me deadly

Wednesday, June 27th @ 7pm

Kiss Me Deadly


Director: Robert Aldrich

Stars Ralph Meeker, Gaby Rodgers

A doomed female hitchhiker pulls Mike Hammer into a deadly whirlpool of intrigue, revolving around a mysterious ‘great whatsit’.

Mickey Spillane is 100 this year! We’re celebrating tonight in the Chase Room with a birthday cake, light refreshments, and a movie based on one of his most hard-boiled novels.

the narrow margin

Wednesday, July 11th @7pm

The Narrow Margin

(1952/ 71min/ NR)

Director: Richard Fleischer

Stars Charles McGraw, Marie Windsor, Jacqueline White

A tough cop is assigned to protect a mobster's wife on a cross-country train that is taking her to testify against her husband and his criminal pals. And the crooks are after the wife, but they don't know what she looks like.