Four-Hour Parking Ordinance

Ordinance 7-2017 can be viewed by clicking here.

1. Why was this ordinance needed?

    The number of out of town commuters parking on our streets has grown tremendously over the past few years. This along with a few local businesses having their employees park on the streets has put a burden on many neighborhoods.

2. Why wasn't this done on a street by street basis?

    Each time a parking restriction was expanded the commuters and employees moved to the next block. With multiple causes behind the all day parking in a 4-square mile town, it was determined that a townwide ordinance would best serve Madison residents. 

3.  Won't enforcement put a burden on our police department?

    Enforcement will be concentrated on trouble areas such as around the train station and businesses that have put a burden on neighborhood streets. Residents in other neighborhoods concerned about all-day parking in their neighborhood may call for enforcement. 

4. I have a student at Madison High School who parks on Ridgedale Avenue, will they get a parking ticket? 

    The ordinance calls for a four-hour limit "unless posted otherwise".  This allows for shorter or longer parking periods. At this time there will not be enforcement at the High School and it may be posted otherwise to clarify the concern.

5 . What if I have a Saturday BBQ, will all my friends get tickets?

    This is a Monday through Friday restriction only. Holidays are also excluded. 

6. What if I have people stay for an extended time on a weekday?

    You can get permission by clicking here.

7. Does Madison rely on income from parking tickets to run operations?

    Madison and its AAA bond rating does not rely on the income from parking tickets to support operations. Parking enforcement is in place to ensure a healthy downtown through the turnover of parking spaces for shoppers and maintaining our great quality of life by keeping our streets clear of commuters and employee overflow. As one resident stated, "We don't allow Madison residents to park overnight, why would we allow non-residents to park all day?"