Why are the tax bills marked estimated?
The largest portion of your tax bill is paid to the Board of Education, which has approved a 2% increase. Next in size is the Borough of Madison, which approved an increase of 1.48%. However the county government has yet to tell us how much their portion will increase. Since we need money to keep our schools and government running we had to estimate the county portion of your tax bill. In order to avoid having to come back for an additional increase our estimate for the county is conservative. If the final county portion is lower, then an adjustment will be made to your fourth quarter tax bill.

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1. Why did we go through this revaluation?
2. Why are the tax bills marked estimated?
3. Am I correct in multiplying the amount due in August by 4 to calculate my annual tax?
4. Why wasn’t the assessed value of all houses increased by the same amount?
5. I thought the revaluation would not affect the taxes on my home but it has. Why is that?
6. What can I do if I believe that the revaluation of my home is too high?