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Virtual Meeting Request Form

  1. Virtual Meeting Request Form
    As we continue with virtual meetings through the Zoom platform, we are asking that all meeting requests be submitted via this form at least 10 days prior to the scheduled meeting date.

    For questions, please contact Michael Pellessier at or 973-408-8789
  2. Meetings Virtual_Rosenet Form.2
  3. Please Select The Type of Meeting Requested*
    • Meetings are standard for Zoom.
    • Webinars are used for Mayor & Council, Planning Board, Zoning Board and Joint Court, as well as special public interest meetings.

    A webinar request will be granted on an as available basis. Meetings that require the webinar feature will have priority.
  4. Is This Meeting
    Open to the Public*
  5. Does This Meeting
    Require a Password or Waiting Room*
    Note that Zoom requires one or another. Open Public Meetings should select Password NOT Waiting Room
  6. Does This Meeting
    Need To Be Recorded*
  7. Will This Meeting Have
    An Executive Session*
  8. Changes to Meetings
    Please note that moving forward, any request for a meeting that is open to the public will REQUIRE a waiting room. This change comes due to recent zoom bombings during meetings.

    A waiting room is NOT required for a webinar.
  9. Once generated, meeting information will be posted on the respective calendar of Rosenet.

    It is the responsibility of the requester/chair/secretary to provide proper notice as per the OPRA to the Borough Clerk, members of the board and/or additional parties the meeting access information.

    If this meeting information needs to be posted elsewhere, please note that below.
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