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Police Department

  1. Alarm Registration

    Pursuant to Chapter 38 of the ordinances of the Borough of Madison, all residential and business alarm systems must be registered with... More…

  2. Internal Affairs Report Form

    The Madison Police Department is committed to providing quality services that are fair, effective, and impartially applied. It is in... More…

  3. Thank An Officer

    This page is designed for citizens who would like to favorably recognize one of the members of the Madison Police Department. Our... More…

  4. Vacation Notice

    Use this form to let us know that you will be away on vacation.

  1. Autism Alert Form

    The Madison Police Department, is offering a voluntary registry service for people with disabilities who may require special assistance... More…

  2. Overnight Parking Form

    Submit this form to apply for overnight parking in Madison Borough. This exemption applies only to parking from 2 AM through 6 AM

  3. Traffic Complaint

    If you have a specific traffic related request or complaint please complete the form below. If you are trying to report an emergency or... More…

  4. Video Surveillance Camera Registration Form