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Resident Satisfaction Survey

  1. Purpose
    This survey has been designed to measure how satisfied residents and others doing business with the Borough are with the manner in which Borough services are provided. You should complete this survey based upon your most recent contact or interaction with the Borough.
  2. What type of contact or interaction did you have?*
  3. Employee Courtesy*
  4. Employee Knowledge*
  5. Employee Response Time*
  6. Overall Service*
  7. If you had an appointment, did the Borough employee arrive during the scheduled time?*
  8. Did the Borough employee display a professional manner?*
  9. Were your questions/issues addressed in a timely manner?*
  10. Would you like to be contacted by the Borough Administrator's office?*
  11. Please leave your contact information if you would like us to get back to you.
  12. Thank you, we appreciate your feedback.
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